Army of Darkness

Tribute Page

Prior to his time in SKIMM, Scott was in a fantastic Punk Rock Band called Army of Darkness. A blend of metal, speed punk, and love songs, the Army of Darkness successfully conquered a large portion of the Netherlands. Since the Army of Darkness no longer makes music and their cd's are no longer being printed, the AoD agreed to allow Scott to post this music on the new SKIMM site.

So here it is, the 2 albums that the AoD released, as well as one song off of a compilation of Punk bands that all hail from the same region - the southern border of the NL and Germany. Entitled "Bullets over Borderland", the AoD got the last song they ever recorded - "As We Grow" onto that compilation.

Also for your viewing pleasure is a video that was recorded during the making of the second album - "This Is Not a Lifesaving Device". This is a 30 minute video which shows the entire band in action as well as some close friends who were on hand to lend their support.

Scott sincerely hopes you like this unique version of punk rock and the trip down memory lane.

All Army of Darkness lyrics proudly written by Thom Eaton. Music written by Thom Eaton, Michael Morlock, and Scott Perkins. Songs used with permission by the copyright owners.